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Door & Window
Installation Process

In home window/door measurement. With homeowner’s approval, windows/doors are ordered. After approximately four weeks, the product is received into our facility. Customer is notified that product has arrived and an installation date is set. Window/door is pre-trimed and stained or painted. Product is installed in the customer’s home.

Honey Do’s Responsibilities on Install Day

  • Traffic areas are covered with floor protection.
  • It is communicated with the homeowner where the process will begin.
  • Installation proceeds in a timely manner.
  • Customer is notified if any damage or rot is revealed.
  • Repairs will be made upon homeowner approval.
  • After installation, affected areas will be cleaned by the window installers.
  • Old product will be removed from the premises.
  • The homeowner will be informed of proper window operation, accessory demonstration, etc.
  • Paperwork, including warranty and owner’s manual will be given to homeowner.
  • Final payment will be collected.

The Homeowner’s Responsibilities

  • Cut back trees, bushes and shrubs two feet from exterior wall.
  • Remove existing shutters and/or awnings.
  • Remove any blinds and/or curtains.
  • Remove pictures, wall hangings, collectables, knick knacks, etc. off walls where installation will occur.
  • Move furniture out of the work area 6 ft.
  • Make sure there is electricity in the work area for power tools.
  • Arrange to have pluming and/or electrical repairs or changes made by appropriate licensed contractor prior to installation.
  • Have sprinkler system turned off one day prior to and on the date of installation.
  • Arrange with your security company to have any alarms disarmed before installation and then reconnected after installation.
  • Make arrangements to keep pets out of the work area.
  • No unaccompanied minors to be present during the installation process.

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